Balkan Private Security Companies Linked to Organized Crime Focus - 2005/9/15
London. Private security companies in the Balkan states are often linked to organized crime and politicians. The newest report of the London-based Save the World Organization analyzes, the Macedonian agency Makfax reported today. The analysis of private security companies in Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Albania, Bulgaria, Moldova and Romania indicates that the security companies “are linked to political parties, crime, military or ethnic groups”. According to the report security companies in Kosovo, Croatia and Bulgaria compete with the police and in some cases are a cover of the organized crime.
Bulgarian expert Filip Gunev states that employees of private security companies in Serbia and Bulgaria exceed the number of policemen. According to Gunev, the ration between policemen and employees of security companies is 1:4, the agency adds.

Author: FOCUS News Agency

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