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The Association of Judges in Bulgaria was founded to consolidate the efforts of judges for reform, improvement and development of the judiciary in Bulgaria.

The Association of Judges in Bulgaria was established as a not-for-profit organization in 1997 in Sofia by 30 founders – judges from the Supreme Court of Cassation, district and regional Courts from the whole country. At present 260 judges from different courts all over the country are members of the Association The objectives of the Association are:

· to consolidate the judges’ efforts for reform, improvement and development of the judiciary in Bulgaria;
· to increase and defend the social and professional prestige of judges;
· to defend judges’ professional , intellectual, social and financial rights;
· to increase judges’ qualification;
· to support the legislative process;
· to cooperate for improvement of judges’ activities;
· to establish international relations and joint activities with similar organizations;
· to support legal traditions in Bulgaria.

In its activity up to now the Association has organized and carried out two national conferences of judges on Penal and Civil jurisdiction.

A judicial Ethics Code draft was developed and in the beginning of July 1998 was passed by the Associations’ General Assembly.

A very important part of the Association’s activity is the establishment of continuous Training of Judges Center – initial and current. The Association carries out this initiative in conjunction with the Ministry of Justice and Legal Integration and using international experience and cooperation. It was the Association that gave the idea for the Center’s establishment and activity. The Center will provide initial training for young judges for their responsible and specific job as well as increasing the qualification of already acting judges.

The beginning of the project was already set up and in February 1999 was signed the act of constitution of the Training of Judges Center Foundation.

At the time being the Association makes a research and prepares to restor the Judicial Newspaper publication.

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