Media Coverage of Coalition 2000 Activities
  1. Publications in National Newspapers

Sega daily

December 3, 1998 - Observer

A commentary on the effectiveness of the government's anti-corruption policies discussing the public-private partnership built by Coalition 2000.

Kontinent daily

December 8, 1998 - The Fight against Crime Should Become a Priority for Civil Society

In this interview the Director of the Directorate of Legal Affairs at the Council of Europe, Mr. Guy De Vel, speaks about the efforts of the Council of Europe to fight organized crime and corruption in the countries in transition. He shares the view that the Anti-Corruption Action Plan developed by Coalition 2000 is a good starting point for that fight in Bulgarian society. At the same time, Mr. De Vel believes that Bulgaria should adopt special anti-corruption legislation in line with the Criminal Convention on the Fight against Corruption that the Council of Europe has recently adopted.

Democratsia daily

December 15, 1998 - Corruption Is on the Cross-road between Private and Public Interests

In this interview the coordinator of Coalition 2000, Emil Georgiev, talks about the need for changing the public's attitudes towards corruption and promoting moral values among representatives of state administration. Mr. Georgiev expresses his support for the introduction of a public register for the incomes of high level state officials. At the same time, he believes that effective mechanisms of control should be established to prove the validity of the data submitted to the register.

December 15, 1998 - It Is Threatening to Think that Corruption Can Become a Public Norm

Interview with the Director of Research at the Center for the Study of Democracy and Director of Vitosha Research polling agency, Alexander Stoyanov, in which he comments on the methodology for measuring the public's attitude and perceptions about corruption developed by Vitosha Research within the framework of Coalition 2000.

II. Publications in Regional Newspapers

Mont Press

Issue 89, December 1998 - Experts Are Waiting for Signals for Corruption

Interview with the coordinator of Coalition 2000, Emil Georgiev, in which he describes the objectives of the Coalition and its Anti-Corruption Action Plan.