On November 25, by the initiative of the Bulgarian Youth Legion Stefan Stambolov, Miss Daniela Tsareva, political scientist, was elected Civic Observer. She will take part in the work of the municipal commissions and the meetings of the Municipal Council. 
The Income Transparency initiative is to start in the district of Smolyan with income statements by the Mayor of Chepelare Municipality Mr. Todor Buzukov, the Mayor of Banite Municipality Mr. Dimitar Slavchev, the Mayor of Nedelino Municipality Mr. Stoyan Beshirov, and the Mayor of Devin, Mr. Julian Semchev.

On December 8, the Black Sea Legal Community held a public discussion devoted to the problems of corruption in healthcare. It was attended by representatives of professional medical organizations and of the media. Possibilities were considered for joint activities to counter corrupt practices in the hospitals and healthcare facilities in the city.

On December 15 a Memorandum was signed between the Center for Political Studies and the Mayor of the Municipality, Mr. Veselin Zlatev, and the Chair of the Municipal Council, Mr. Asen Georgiev, for a dialogue based on trust and cooperation between the civil organizations and the local authorities in the fight against corruption and for the introduction of a Civic Observer in the sphere of public services. On December 20, at a General Assembly of the Center for Political Studies, Miss Ilyana Doneva was elected Civic Observer and is to participate in the work of the Municipal Council.

The institution of local ombudsman (public mediator) was created with the cooperation of the Mayor of the Municipality, Mr. Naiden Zelenogorski. The main guidelines for his work were prepared with the assistance of Coalition 2000 and the Center for Social Practices. A meeting was held in this connection on December 8 at the Revived Civil Society Regional Association with representatives of CSD, the Canadian Parliament, and the Mayor of the Municipality.

Specialized monitoring is starting of the impact of corruption on private business organized by the Foundation for the Development of Private Enterprise and the local Chamber of Trade and Industry

A draft Memorandum for establishing partnering relations between non-governmental organizations and the Municipal Council in the fight against corruption has been proposed to the Mayor, Mr. Chomakov, and the Chair of the local parliament, Mr. Strashimir Dochkov. The chief goal of the Memorandum prepared by Lecturers NGO is the introduction of civil control and full transparency in the work of the local authorities and administration, above all in the sphere of municipal services

At round-table held on December,21 The Independent Ecological and Social Inspection presented the Anti-Corruption Council concept to an audience, which included representatives from the Municipal Council, the Mayor. s Office, the District Judge. s Office, the Regional Administration, etc. A working group was selected with the aim of studying the steps to be undertaken in the process of establishing a long-term public-private partnership to counter corruption in this city.