European Network of Police Women

Directorate of National Police Service
235, Blvd. Slivnitza, 1202 Sofia, Bulgaria
Tel: + 3592 982 4948
Fax: + 3592 982 2233
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Our Goals

Act for practical implementation of the equal opportunity policy in the police service and for career promotion of policewomen.

Render moral and material support to policewomen in need, as well as to the families of police officers, died in action.

Develop and implement training programs for improving the professional qualification of policewomen.

Render active support to the institutions, specialized in prevention of drug addiction, children crime and prostitution.

Cooperate with other non-governmental and non-political organizations in Bulgaria and abroad in the field of equal opportunities, as well as for prevention of drug addiction, children crime and prostitution.


What Done

Started the establishment of the ENP-Bulgaria network.

Organized a fund rising concert in favor of 83 children of police officers, died in action.

Ensured job positions in the police service for two police widows.

Established contacts with policewomen in Romania, Greece, Macedonia and Swiss.

Investigated the personal preferences of the girls-students in the police academy aimed to consult them for the most suitable job position after graduation;

Set-up a Claim Center for policewomen for preliminary investigation of cases of sexual harassment or sexism at work.

Established contacts with NGOs which activity merges our aims - violence on the working place and in the family, violence over underage, drug addiction, prostitution etc. ENP-Bulgaria has frame agreements for co-operation on the mentioned topics with: ANIMUS foundation, NADYA-DE foundation. S.E.G.A. Foundation, ROMANI-DEI-BULGARIA


Promotion of ENP Ideas

On national level

Presented ENP and ENP-Bulgaria in articles in SEGA, STANDART,NOSTEN TROUD daily and KAMBANA and VESTNIK ZA JENATA, NIE JENITE, UCHITELSKO DELO weekly, as well as in two life interviews on the national broadcasting channel HORIZONT PREDI VSITCHKI, HRISTO BOTEV and DARIK RADIO.

ENP-Bulgaria was presented on the national meeting of the NGOs in Bulgaria, organized by the Democratic Network foundation.

On international level

May 1999, Warsaw,participation in Combat the Women Traffic in Europe Conference

October 1998 ENP-Bulgaria was presented on the international conference “ Women in 21-st Century”, held in Sofia under the patronage of Bulgarian First Lady Mrs. Antonina Stoyanova, and with the honorably participation of the First Lady of U.S.A. Mrs. Clinton and PM wives of the neighbor countries - Albania, Greece, Macedonia, Rumania, Turkey.

Promotion of ENP and ENP-Bulgaria in Macedonia.

April 1999, Brussels, ENP General Board Meeting, ENP-Bulgaria’s Chairperson elected for General Board member

April 1999, Brussels ,participation in the First European Networking Conference with the support of the Open Society Foundation.


Our Immediate Tasks

Extending the clubs’ network.

Working-out an info-bank with legislative and operational data concerning the equal opportunities policy and the interaction with the institutions,NGOs and different police departments.

Render support of the Centers for Transit Accommodation of Underage.

Permanent action for collecting human aid and its distribution among families of police officers in need.

Development and implementation of an educational program, including conducting a cycle of lectures on the following topics: personal and social consequences from the drug addiction, AIDS prevention, crime prevention, as well as identifying of young gypsies with interests in career in the police service in cooperation with the NGOs of gypsies in Bulgaria.

On request of the Macedonian policewomen to help them to establish their network.

November 1999, be host of the next ENP General Board Meeting and of the First Balkan Women Police Meeting.


Contact Persons:

Chairperson, ENP GB member

Temenoujka Jouelyaskova
Directorate of National Police Service
235, Blvd. Slivnitza, 1202 Sofia, Bulgaria
Tel: + 3592 982 49 48
Fax: + 3592 982 22 33

International Relations Referent

Ekaterina Ignatova
35/ B, Vassil Levski Blvd. 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria
Tel: + 3592 986 10 53
Fax: + 3592 881295