1. Draft Electronic Document and Electronic Signature Act (in Bulgarian)
  2. Strategy and National Program for Development of the Information Society in Bulgaria


  1. Monitoring of Information Technologies in Bulgaria Report
    The chief purpose of this monitoring is the systematic and regular assessment of the spread and use of PCs and the Internet by Bulgarian citizens. The data are representative of the country's adult population. The data and conclusions will be regularly updated by Vitosha Research.
  2. Bulgaria e-Readiness Report 2002:  The report analyzes the penetration of information and communications technologies in Bulgaria (pdf, 586kB).
  3. Competitiveness of Europe’s ICT Industries: The Crisis Amid the Growth -- Key findings and policy recommendations from a global benchmarking of the information and communication technology markets conducted by Booz Allen & Hamilton on commission by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. The Report was presented at a high level EU ministerial conference on March 9–10, 2000 in Noordwijk, The Netherlands.
  4. Bridging the Digital Divide: Internet Access in Central and Eastern Europe -- The report was prepared by the Center for Democracy in Technology in conjunction with the Global Internet Liberty Campaign. It addresses one of the most fundamental Internet policy issues – the challenge of affordable access. In every region around the world, progress is being made as governments, commercial entities, non-profits, and grant-making bodies strive to expand Internet connectivity. However, there are concerns that the “digital divide” is growing as the pace of change accelerates. This report focuses on the Central and Eastern European (CEE) region and draws important conclusions concerning telecommunications policy, privatization and competition, Internet infrastructure and alternative access technologies.
  5. Report on Information Society Development in the Republic of Bulgaria

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  1. Government of the Republic of Bulgaria
  2. Coordinating Council on Information Society Development in Bulgaria
  3. Committee of Posts and Telecommunications
  4. State Telecoms Commission
  5. Ministry of Transport and Communications
  6. Ministry of Economy
  7. Bulgarian National Bank


  1. U.S. Presidential Internet for Economic Development Initiative