The National Book Centre (NBC) has been established in 1991 as an independent non-profit legal entity armlengthed to the Ministry of Culture. It is a structure positioned between the state and the books, it is the initiator of the regulation changes in the field of the book industry, it monitors the processes in publishing and book distribution - it is the only organ of governmental policy-making in the book sector.
The NBC carry out the "Support for the Book" programme. During the period 1991-2000 the programme has supported financially 664 editions, as follows:
* Bulgarian (fiction) literature - 366,
* Bulgarian humanitarian and scientific editions - 153,
* Translated humanitarian literature - 145.
In 2001 totally 46 Bulgarian books plus 4 books with translated humanitarian literature have been sponsored.
The NBC suffers of permanent financial pauperization and that impedes any initiative. The lack of statistics of the developments in the book sector in the country is the main reason why the centre can not devise and apply an integral policy in the field of the book industry.
That's why most of the decision-making activities of the NBC are based mainly on the intuitive perceptions about what the real picture on the market might look like.
The usual practice is each new director of the NBC to put the stress on a different element of the chain: authoring - publishing - distribution - readers. Today the typical circulation of a book is 1000 copies. Larger is the circulation of translated fiction best sellers and the translated literature for children. Publishers usually/habitually consider the prices of the books they produce to be too low. The pricing breaks down to 28-35% deduction for distributors, production costs 30-33% and VAT - 20%. Although it would contribute to a significant recovery of the book sector, the financial authorities do not reduce the tax burden on books. All agents in the book chain become vulnerable in the moment of tiniest fluctuation of prices of production costs, yet the revenue of investment is meager.