On the following pages we make an attempt to discuss different policies for culture applied in Bulgaria. We are telling about the efforts of individuals and organisations to participate in the shaping up of these policies. We are telling about the efforts to create an environment beneficial to the development of the contemporary Bulgarian culture. We give the floor to acknowledged artists and intellectuals.
However we have to point out yet another thing - there are only intentions for policy making in Bulgaria. The changes in culture and the art facts are happening on their own, beyond any cultural policy. As if the Bulgarian society confidently follows the belief in the economic slogan Laisser-faire -none whatsoever interference, things happen on their own.
The problem is that the Bulgarian society does not follow that principle (yet?). For 120 years now culture (not the traditional one) and education have relied on the support of the state. Because - like in many small countries around the world, also in Bulgaria - culture stays constantly in a Catching up Attempt, an attempt towards associating with Models and Patterns. During the whole XX century this catching up and associating is performed with the nurturing efforts of the state.
Nowadays the inertia has remained. Bulgarian culture (with the majority of its representatives and organisations) continues to rely on the state and still requests state support. But times have changed, the state is different, the global economic and cultural context has developed.
Culture should be dependent predominantly on private initiative, private capital and the Third Sector. But the state, also driven by inertia, still does not want to regulate these relations. And yet quite often jeopardizes any entrepreneuralship.
However the wheel has started spinning. Rien ne va plus.