Chapter One: Fundamental Principles

Chapter Two: Fundamental Rights and Obligations of Citizens

Chapter Three: National Assembly

Chapter Four: President of the Republic

Chapter Five: Council of Ministers

Chapter Six: Judicial Power

Chapter Seven: Local Self-Government and Local Administration

Chapter Eight: Constitutional Court

Chapter Nine: Amendments to the Constitution. Adoption of a New Constitution

Chapter Ten: Coat of Arms, Seal, Flag, Anthem, Capital

Transitional and Concluding Provisions

Transitional and Concluding Provisions

Clause 1.

    (1) The Grand National Assembly shall dissolve itself after the adoption of the Constitution.
    (2) The Grand National Assembly shall continue to function as a National' Assembly until the election of a new National Assembly. Within this term, it shall pass bills for the election of a new National Assembly, a President, bodies of local self-government, and other bills. The Constitutional Court and the Supreme Judicial Council shall be established within the same term.
    (3) The Members of the National Assembly, the President, the Vice President and the members of the Council of Ministers shall swear the oath established by this Constitution at the 5th session of the National Assembly following the coming into force of this Constitution.

Clause 2. Pending the election of a Supreme Court of Cassation and a Supreme Administrative Court; their prerogatives pursuant to Article 130 para 3 and Article 147 para 1 of the Constitution shall be exercised by the Supreme Court of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Clause 3.

    (1) The provisions of the existing laws shall be applicable insofar as they do not contravene the Constitution.
    (2) Within a year from this Constitution's coming into force, the National Assembly shall rescind those provisions of the existing laws which have not been rescinded by virtue of the direct force of the Constitution pursuant to its Article 5 para 2.
    (3) The laws required expressly by this Constitution shall be passed by the National Assembly within three years.

Clause 4. The organization of the judicial branch of government established by the Constitution shall come into force following the passage of the new structural and procedural laws within the term established by para 2 of Clause 3.

Clause 5. Justices, prosecutors and investigating magistrates shall become unsubstitutable if within three months of its formation the Supreme Judicial Council does not rule that they lack the necessary professional merits.

Clause 6. Pending the passage of new legislation concerning the Bulgarian National Television, the Bulgarian National Radio and the Bulgarian News Agency, the National Assembly shall practice the prerogatives vested in the Grand National Assembly with respect to these national institutions.

Clause 7.

    (1) Elections for a National Assembly and bodies of local self-government shall be held within three months from the self-dissolution of the Grand National Assembly. The date of the elections shall be scheduled by the President in accordance with his prerogatives pursuant to Article 98 subpara 1 of the Constitution.
    (2) The elections for a President and a Vice President shall be held within three months from the elections for a National Assembly..
    (3) Pending the election of a President and a Vice President, their functions established by this Constitution shall be performed by the Chairman (President) and the Vice Chairman (Vice President).

Clause 8. The government shall continue to perform its functions pursuant to this Constitution until the formation of a new government.

Clause 9. This Constitution shall come into force on the day on which it is promulgated in Durzhaven Vestnik by the Chairman of the Grand National Assembly, and shall supersede the Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria adopted on 18 May, 1971 (Published. in Durzhaven Vestnik No. 39/1971; amended in DV No. 6/1990, 29/1990, 87/1990,94/1990,98/1990, corrected in DV No. 98/1990).


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