36th National Assembly (Oct. 1991-Oct. 1994)

In the parliamentary elections held on Oct. 13, 1992, only three of the political parties - Union of the Democratic Forces, Bulgarian Socialist Party, and the Movement for Rights and Freedoms - polled more than 4% of the votes and won parliamentary presentation. Their representatives formed, respectively, the three parliamentary groups - the Parliamentary Group of UDF, the Parliamentary Union for Social Democracy (the Parliamentary Group of BSP and coalition), and the Parliamentary Group of MRF.

Later, some members quit their parliamentary groups (mostly the PG of UDF) and registered as separate parliamentary groups. These were consecutively: the Parliamentary Group "New Union for Democracy", the Parliamentary Union "New Choice", the Parliamentary Group of the Democratic Alternative for the Republic, the Parliamentary Group Independent, the Parliamentary Group of the Democratic Party.

The 36th NA elected two cabinets. The first one was entirely composed of representatives of UDF, with Filip Dimitrov as the Prime Minister. The second cabinet, with Prof. Lyuben Berov as Prime-Minister, was mandated by MRF.

The 36th NA disbanded itself before the end of the mandate, due to the pre-term resignation of the Prime Minister L. Berov and the failure to form a coalition cabinet of representatives of all parliamentary groups. The President Zhelev appointed a caretaker cabinet, with Ms Reneta Indjova as Prime Minister.