37th National Assembly (Dec. 1994 - Feb. 1997)

There were five parliamentary groups in the 37 NA. They were as follows:

The minimum representation in a parliamentary group, initially set by the regulations on 10 members, was later reduced to 7. As of February, 1996, there were four independent MPs, one of whom was expelled from the Parliamentary Group of BBB, and the other three left the same parliamentary group voluntarily. I the beginning of 1997 seven MPs left the Parliamentaty Group of the Democratic Left, 6 the Parliamentary Group of People's Union and 1 the Parliamentary Group of Movement for Rights and Freedoms. In the last session a new Parlianentary Group "Edinstvo" (Unity) was formed.

In the 37th NA there were twenty permanent Committees, of which 19 are managed by representatives from the the Parliamentary Group of the Democratic Left, and one - by a representative of the the Parliamentary Group of BBB. The the Parliamentary Group of UDF was represented by a vice-chair in all Committees.

Interim Committees were formed in relation tospecific issues, inquiries and conduct of surveys. Each MP could be elected to no more than two parliamentary Committees. The chair (speeker) and deputy chair of the NA could not be members of any parliamentary Committees.

The 37th NA disbanded itself before the end of the mandate, due to the pre-term resignation of the Prime Minister Zhan Videnov and the failure to form a new socialist cabinet.

Budget of the 37th NA:

1995: 450.661 mln. BGL

1966: 685.800 mln. BGL (708.150 mln. BGL updated)