38th National Assembly (elected Apr. 1997)

There are six parliamentary groups in the 38 NA. They are as follows:

In the 38th NA there are 14 standing Committees.

Economic Policy Committee Mr. Nikola NIKOLOV (UDF)
Committee on Legal Issues and Anti-corruption Legislation Mr. Svetoslav LUCHNIKOV (UDF)
Committee on Budget, Finance and Financial Control Mr. Yordan TSONEV (UDF)
Committee on Foreign Policy and European Integration Mr. Asen AGOV (UDF)
National Security Committee Mr. Hristo BISEROV (UDF)
Committee on Agriculture, Forestry and Land Reform Mr. Vladislav KOSTOV (UDF)
Committee on Labour and Social Policy Mrs. Svetlana DYANKOVA (UDF)
Committee on Education and Science Mr. Georgi PANEV (UDF)
Committee on Healthcare, Youth and Sports Mr. Borislav KITOV(People's Union)
Committee on Local Self-government, Regional Policy and Urbanisation Mr. Tsonyo BOTEV (UDF)
Committee on Environment and Water Resources Mr. Lachezar TOSHEV (UDF)
Committee on Power Engeneering and Energy Resources Mr. Kiril ERMENKOV (Euro-Left )
Committee on Culture and Media Mr. Stoyan RAYCHEVSKI (UDF)
Committee on Human Rights, Religious Denominations, Citizens' Complaints and Petitions Mr. Ivan SUNGARSKI (UDF)