7th Grand National Assembly (June 1990 - Aug. 1991)

The 7th GNA was elected under the Law for Electing a GNA (1990). The total number of members was 400; of them, 200 were elected in two rounds in single-member electoral districts under the majoritarian electoral system, and 200 - through party lists in multi-member electoral districts. The following were initially registered in the 7th Grand National Assembly: the Parliamentary Group of the Bulgarian Socialist Party, the Parliamentary Union of the Democratic Forces (each of the parties in the coalition being represented by its own parliamentary group), parliamentary Group of Bulgarian Agrarian National Union, and the Parliamentary Group of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms. In the spring of 1991, part of the members of the the Parliamentary SDS registered independently as the the Parliamentary Group of SDS.

The 7th Grand National Assembly elected two cabinets: an independent BSP cabinet with Andrey Lukanov as Prime Minister, and a coalition cabinet with Dimitar Popov as Prime Minister.

The 7th GNA disbanded itself after the adoption of the new Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria. Thus, the way to holding elections for the 36th National Assembly was cleared.