Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Historical notes. Created in 1879 on the basis of the Tarnovo Constitution as Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Religions. After the promulgation of the 1947 Constitution it was renamed to Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Structure. The ministry includes territorial (regional) and functional departments (e.g. legal, cultural, archive, etc.). The Bureau for Diplomatic Corps Services, established in 1974, is also attached to the Ministry. The foreign agencies of the Ministry include diplomatic missions, consular services, agencies of international ogranizations, special temporary missions, delegations to international conferences, organizations, etc.

The number of employees is 663 persons, including a First Deputy Minister, three Deputy Ministers and a Secretary General.

Basic Functions. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Ms Nadezhda Mihaylova

Deputy Ministers: Mr Boyko Mirchev, Mrs Antoaneta Primatarova 

Address: 2 Al. Zhendov str., 1113 Sofia; phone: +3592-71431