The Constitutional Court consists of 12 judges, one third of whom are elected by the Parliament, one third are appointed by the President, and one third are appointed by the General Assembly of Judges of the Supreme Court of Cassation and the Supreme Administration Court.

The mandate of the judges is 9 years. Each quota of the Constitutional Court is updated each three years. The chair of the Constitutional Court is elected through secret vote by its judges for a mandate of three years.

The Constitutional Court can be summoned by the initiative of at least one fifth of the MPs, by the President, by the Council of Ministers, by the Supreme Court of Cassation, by the Supreme Administrative Court, and by the Chief Public Prosecutor.

Chair of the Constitutional Court: Mr Zhivko Stalev

Members: Mr A. Manov, Mr M. Danailov, Mr C. Hadjistoychev, Mr S. Dimitrov, Mr D. Gochev, Mr I. Grigorov, Mr T. Todorov, Mr A. Arabadjiev, Mr G. Markov, Mrs M. Zlatareva, Mr Nedelcho Beronov, Mrs Stefanka Stoyanova

Budget: 1995: 17.803 mln. BGL 1996: 24.988 mln. BGL (27.929 mln. BGL updated)