Alternative Social Liberal Party

(Alternativna socialliberalna partiya, ASP)

History notes: Founded in Feb. 1990 by members of the Alternative Socialist Union - a fraction in the Bulgarian Communist Party. Until June 1991, the party was called Alternative Socialist Party. It participated independently in the elections of June 1990. In Oct. 1990, the party became member of the coalition Union of the Democratic Forces from where it is expelled at the beginning of 1993.

Representatives of ASLP hold key positions related to the economy in the cabinets of Filip Dimitrov and Lyuben Berov 1991-94. In the elections of Oct. 1991, the party participated as part of UDF. In the 36th National Assembly, ASP was represented by 6 MPs within the Parliamentary Group of UDF. At the beginning of 1993, they left the Parliamentary Group of UDF and laid the foundations of the Parliamentary Group New Union for Democracy. Since 1995 ASLP is member of the colaition Democratic Alternative for the Republic.

Party emblem - elephant. Party colour - pink.

Chair of ASP - Mr Vasil Velinov

Address: 148 Vitosha Str., 1 Flour, 1408 Sofia; phone +3592-9515017