Bulgarian Party Liberals

(Balgarska partiya Liberali, BPL)

History notes: The party was founded on Dec. 20, 1992 - this date is also the party's holiday. BPL is believed to be successor of the Club for Supporting Glasnost and Restructuring in Bulgaria and of the Federation of the Clubs for Democracy (founders of Union of the Democratic Forces). In 1991, the Federation left UDF and participated in the elections of Oct. 13, 1991, in coalition with the Green Party under the name UDF-liberals. Since Oct. 1994, BPL has been member of the coalition Patriotic Union. BPL had an agreement with BSP which it denounced in March 1997. BPL is registered for the April parliamentary elections.

Chair of the party since its foundation has been Mr Petko Simeonov.

Address: 1000 Sofia, 3 Alabin"Str.; phone +3592-544906