Bulgarian Social Democratic Party

(Balgarska sotsialdemokraticheska partiya, BSDP)

Historical notes: Founded in 1891 as Bulgarian Workers' Social Democratic Party (see BSP). Participated in government coalition before 1944, and within the Fatherland's Front in the period 1944-45. The party has been disbanded in 1934 and 1947 a small part of its members join the Bulgarian Workers' Party (communists). BSDP has been restored since 1989, and became one of the founders of UDF. As a member of UDF, the party was represented in the 7th National Assembly. In 1991, as a result of the internal splitting of UDF, some of the party members seceded and founded the Social Democratic Party (SDP) which preserved its membership in UDF.

In the elections of Oct. 1991, BSDP participated in coalition with the Political Club "Ecoglasnost" and under the name UDF-center. In the elections of Dec. 1994, BSDP participated within the coalition Democratic Alternative for the Republic. In the local elections of Oct.-Nov. 1995, BSDP participated both independently and in different coalitions - most often with SDS. In the presidential elections in 1992, BSDP supported the nomination of Zhelyu Zhelev, and in the presidential elections in 1996 - that of Petar Stoyanov.

Party colour - blue. Party emblem - a hand holding a red rose in the fist. The party publishes the newspaper "Svoboden narod".

The latest congress was held in Apr. 1995.

BSDP is member of the Socialist International.

In May 1995, within the party was created the Movement for Social Humanism which aimed at getting closer to BSP. In Feb. 1997 the Movement participated in the founding congress of Bulgarian Euroleft.

After its restoration at the end of 1989, BSDP participated consecutively in the coalitions UDF 1989-91, UDF-center 1991-92, Bulgarian Democratic Center 1992, Bulgarian Social Democratic Union 1993, Democratic Alternative for the Republic 1994-95. In the autumn of 1995, BSDP left DAR. In Dec. 1995, BSDP and SDP (part of UDF) founded on ideas principle the Social Democratic Alliance which is not a political coalition. In March 1997 BSDP signed a protocol to participate in the parliamentary elections in the coalition United Democratic Forces.

BSDP Leadership

Petar Dertliev - chair

Deputy chairs :

Angel Ahryanov - information work and propaganda

Andrey Zhelev - social policy

Valkana Todorova - legislative initiatives and relations with institutions

Yordan Nihrizov - internal political relations, expansion of BSDP

Teodor Dechev - party building, organizing work, international relations

Yuriy Duchev - finance

Address: 37 Ekzarh Yosif Str.;phone +3592-801584