Political Union Democratic Alternative for the Republic

(Demokratichna alternativa za republikata, DAR)

Historical notes: Democratic Alternative for the Republic was founded as political coalition by the Alternative Social Liberal Party, Bulgarian Social Democratic Party, Civil Union for the Republicand the Green Party in Sept. 1994. In the parliamentary elections of Dec. 18, 1994, DAR could not pass the 4% limit. In the local elections of Oct.-Nov. 1995, DAR participated independently or in coalition with other political forces. BSDP left temporarily the coalition before the local elections,however, later it did not restore its membership in the coalition.

At the beginning of Feb. 1996, the Green Party was expelled from the coalition. The civil Union for the Republic was the last to leave the coalition after participating in the founding congress of Bulgarian Euroleft.

In March 1997 DAR attracted four new members to the Alternative Social Liberal Party - Constitutional Forum (chair Nikolay Genchev), Republican party (chair Aleksander Popov), Will for Bulgaria (chair Yordan Velichkov), Party "New Bulgaria" (chair Boyan Chukov). The new coalition under the old name of DAR is going to participate in April 1997 parliamentary elections.

Leadership: Initially, the leadership of the coalition was taken on a rotary principle by the chairmen of the coalition parties. In Aug. 1995, that was changed to an election principle and until Feb. 1997 chair was Mr Alexander Tomov.