Bulgarian Euro-Left

(Balgarska Evrolevitsa)

The Bulgarian Euroleft was founded on Feb. 22, 1997 in Sofia. It discribed itself as "a modern social-democratic movement". Among the founding members of the Bulgarian Euro-Left were the Civil Union for the Republic, the Alternative Socialist Union (independent), the Movement for Social Humanity (former fraction in BSDP) and four MPs who left the Bulgarian Socialist Party in February 1997. For the April 1997 parliamentary elections Bulgarian Euro-Left is registered under the name Civil Union for the Republic-Bulgarian Euroleft. In the 38th National Assembly the Euro-Left is presented with a parliamentary group of 16 MPs. (two MPs from BBB joined the group in Feb. 1998).

At the end of Feb. 1998 Bulgarian Euro-Left held its first congress and transformed itself into a single party social-democratic party.

Chairman of the Bulgarian Euro-Left - Mr Aleksandar Tomov