Coalition "Kingdom of Bulgaria Federation"

(Federatsiya "Tsarstvo Balgariya", FCB)

The coalition was founded in 1993 and includes royalist organizations and from different regions of the country. Most of the members are royalist societies, and 3 small parties. Main task of the coalition is the rejection of the referendum of 1946 that lead to the abolishment of the monarchy in Bulgaria. Bulgarian king Simeon, living in Spain, never expressed his support for this party.

National secretary of the coalition is Mr Hristo Kurtev.

The Federation publishes "Tsarski vesti" (King's News) weekly.

The Kingdom of Bulgaria Federation participated independently in the parliamentary elections in 1991 and 1994. The coalition called for boycotting the presidential elections in 1996. For the April 1997 parliamentary elections the Kingdom of Bulgaria Federation joined the coalition National Salvation Union, lead by Mr Ahmed Dogan.