Liberal Democratic Alternative

(Liberalno demokratichna alternativa, LDA)

Historical notes: The party was founded by 200 people, mainly intellectuals, on Nov. 30, 1996. Founding member is also the former President Mr Zhelyu Zhelev. Among the basic party's ideas is the creation of a presidential republic. The first congress of the party is intended to be held after the parliamentary elections in April 1997. Mr Zhelev is expected to be party's chair after the congress.

Liberal Democratic Alternative was the driving force behind the founding of the coalition Liberal Forum which has two more members - Radical-Democratic Party (not in UDF) and its youth organization the Federation of Radical Democratic Youth. Liberal Forum is registered for the April 1997 parliamentary elections.

Chair of the National Executive Council - Mr Boris Galabov

Deputy chairs:

Mr Georgi Spasov

Mr Momchil Doychev