Fatherland's Party of Labour

(Otechestvena partiya na truda, OPT)

Historical notes: Founded in Apr. 1990 as a political wing of the Popular Committee for Protection of the National Interests. The party had one MP in the 7th Grand National Assembly, elected by the majority representation in Kardjali. In the Oct. 1991 parliamentary elections, the party participated in coalition with Bulgarian Socialist Party and other parties, and in the 36th National Assembly it was represented by 3 MPs within the Parliamentary Union for Social Democracy.

The Fatherland's Party of Labour has been member of the coalition Patriotic Union 1994-96. In the presidential elections of Nov. 1996, Mr Mincho Minchev was nominated for president by the Fatherland's Party of Labour.

Chair of the Fatherland's Party of Labour is Mr Mincho Minchev.

Address: 1000 Sofia, 10 Tsar Kaloyan Str.; phone +3592-884642