Coalition "Patriotic Union"

(Patriotichen sayuz)

The coalition was founded in Oct. 1994 by six parties and organizations: Bulgarian Party Liberals, Movement for National Survival "Will for Bulgaria", Democratic Women's Union in Bulgaria, Fatherland's Party of Labour, Party "New Bulgaria", and Union for the Fatherland. Later, other political parties and organizations joined the Patriotic Union, while some of the members of the coalitions quitted.

The Patriotic Union is governed by the Board of Chairs, and each chair of a party/organization is a co-chairman of the coalition. The Patriotic Union participated independently in the Dec. 18, 1994, parliamentary elections. It participated independently and in different broader coalitions in the local elections of Oct.-Nov. 1995. The coalition had a political agreement with Bulgarian Socialist Party.

Since late 1996 there are no signs that the coalition exists anymore.