Green Party in Bulgaria

(Zelena partiya, ZP)

History notes: The Green Party was founded in Dec. 1989. It was member of the coalition Union of the Democratic Forces 1990-91. In the 7th Grand National Assembly, the Green Party had its own parliamentary group within the Parliamentary UDF. In the parliamentary elections in 1991, the Green Party participated together with the Clubs for Democracy in the coalition UDF-liberals. In the parliamentary elections in 1994 and in the local elections in Oct.-Nov.1995, the Green Party participated in the coalition Democratic Alternative for the Republic. The Green Party was expelled from DAR at the beginning of 1996. In March 1997 the Green Party joined the coalition National Salvation Union. It is represented in the 38th National Assembly by two MPs within the parliamentary group of National Salvation Union.

Party symbolic colour - green.

Chair of the Green party since its foundation has been Mr Aleksandar Karakachanov.

Address: 1000 Sofia, 3 Alabin Str.; phone +3592-876924