Bulgarian Business Bloc

(Balgarski biznes blok, BBB)

Historical notes: The Bulgarian Business Bloc (BBB) was founded in Nov. 1990 on the initiative of the Union for Private Economic Enterprise. As early as the second congress the organization was split: part of the governing body and the members founded another party related with the Union for Private Economic Enterprise - the Bulgarian Business Party, renamed later to Party "New Bulgaria" (Partiya "Nova Bulgaria"). In September 1997 BBB has split again after two congresses were held in the same time. None of the both leaderships is registered with the court yet.

The statutes of BBB defines it as a political organization of the free and initiative people, believing in the values of liberalism, economic freedom, and technical progress.

BBB participated independently in the elections in 1991 and 1994. In the presidential elections in 1992 and 1996, BBB nominated its chair George Ganchev. In the 37th National Assembly, the Parliamentary Group of BBB was registered - in the beginning with 13, and since the end of 1996 with 9 MPs. In the 38th National Assembly, the Parliamentary Group of BBB consisted of 12 MPs. After the split within the party, in September 19967 the PG of BBB was dissolved.

The governing bodies of BBB are: Congress, National Council, Executive Council, Control Council.

Party chair: Mr George Ganchev

Party chair: Mr Hristo Ivanov (alternative)

Address: 1505 Sofia, 13 ShipkaStr.; phone +3592-446128