Bulgarian Socialist Party

(Balgarska sotsialisticheska partiya, BSP)

Historical notes: Successor of the Bulgarian Communist Party which, on the part, succeeded Bulgarian Social Democratic Workers' Partyfounded in 1891. In the period 1919-1924, the party was called Bulgarian Communist Party, 1927-1934 - Workers' Party, 1938-1948 - Bulgarian Workers' Party (communists), 1948-Apr.1990 - again Bulgarian Communist Party. Ruled Bulgaria from 1944 until 1990 and since 1995.

BSP publishes the daily newspaper "Duma" and owns major stake in another daily - "Zemya".

Party holiday is Aug. 2 - the day of the foundation of the Bulgarian Workers' Social Democratic Party in 1891.

Party colour - red. Party emblem - red rose with green leaves on a white background.

Youth organization - Bulgarian Socialist Youth (chair Ms Mariela Miteva).

The party's internal statutes allows for the formation of ideological movements within the party. Most major of them are: Union for Social Democracy, Alternative Socialist Union, Marxist Platform, Road to Europe, Unity Movement.

BSP has about 330 000 members (1995) organized in local organizations or interest clubs.

The latest 42nd congress of BSP was extraordinary and was held on Dec. 21-23, 1996. On the congress was elected Supreme Council of 146 people and also All-party Control Commission of 31 members (chairman Sashka Karakasheva). Georgi Parvanov was elected for chairman of the Supreme Council of BSP. Next BSP congress is scheduled for May 1-3 1998.

BSP participated independently in the June 1990 elections. In the parliamentary elections of Oct. 13, 1991, BSP registered a coalition together with other smaller parties. In the presidential elections of Jan. 1992, BSP supported the independent team Valkanov-Vodenicharov. In the parliamentary elections of Dec. 18, 1994, BSP participated as Political Coalition BSP, BANU "Aleksandar Stamboliyski", Political Club "Ecoglasnost" (Democratic Left). The same coalition was preserved as well for the local elections (Oct.-Nov. 1995) and for the presidential elections in 1996. In the presidential elections in 1996, BSP supported the candidates of the coalition "Together for Bulgaria" Mr Ivan Marazov and Mrs Irina Bokova. For the April 1997 parliamentary elections the chair of BANU "Aleksandar Stamboliyski" Mr Svetoslav Shivarov reject to renew the coalition and in the Democratic Left remained only two parties. BSP described this decision "as personal" and said it is going to keep the coalition agreement with BANU "Aleksandar Stamboliyski" after the elections.

BSP had an independent parliamentary group in the 7th Grand National Assembly. In the 36th National Assembly, the coalition of BSP and its pre-election partners was called Parliamentary Union for Social Democracy. In the 37th and 38th National Assemblies the coalition of BSP, BANU-Aleksandar Stamboliyski and Political Club "Ecoglasnost" registered the Parliamentary Group of the Democratic Left.

Address: 1000 Sofia, 20 Pozitano Str.; phone +3592-85141


(elected on the party congress of Jan. 3, 1997)

Chair: Mr Georgi Parvanov                                                              

Nikola Koychev
Nikolay Dobrev
Vasil Kalinov
Iskra Baeva
Valentin Vatsev
Mariana Hristova 
Plamen Chervenyakov
Boyko Velikov  
Rosen Hubenov
Georgi Bozhinov    
Mariela Miteva
Miroslav Popov   
Petar Dimitrov
Doncho Atanasov  

Krasimir Premyanov