Coalition BSP-BANU "A. Stamboliyski"-Political Club "Ecoglasnost" - DEMOCRATIC LEFT

Founded in Nov. 1994 with the signing of a political agreement by the chairmen of the three formations: Bulgarian Socialist Party, Bulgarian Agrarian National Union -Aleksandar Stamboliyski, Political Club "Ecoglasnost".

The coalition won the parliamentary elections on Dec. 18, 1994, and the local elections of Oct.-Nov. 1995. In the presidential elections of Oct.-Nov. 1996, the coalition was the backbone of the coalition "Together for Bulgaria". For the April 1997 parliamentary elections the chair of BANU "Aleksandar Stamboliyski" Mr Svetoslav Shivarov reject to renew the coalition and in the Democratic Left remained only two parties. Nevertheles the three parties are going to keep their co-operation after the elections.

The coalition is represented by the chair of the Supreme Council of BSP. The official governing body of the coalition is the Consultative Council, usually meeting monthly. The coalition has an agreement with the Patriotic Union. In the mass media, the coalition was often referred to as the "Democratic Left". It is registered under that name for the April 19, 1997 parliamentary elections.