Democratic Party

(Demokraticheska partiya)

Historical notes: Founded in 1896. Disbanded from 1934 until 1945, and from 1947 until 1989. From the beginning of 1990 until Oct. 1994, DP was member of the coalition UDF. DP has ruled the country independently from 1908 until 1911, and in coalition 1918-19 and 1931-34.

The latest regular congress (15th) was held in Dec. 14-15, 1996. Chairman of DP is Mr Stefan Savov (since Dec. 1990). In the parliamentary elections of Dec. 18, 1994, DP participated in coalition with BANU under the name of People's Union-BANU, DP. In March 1997 DP joined the coalition United Democratic Forces.

Party colour - purple. Party emblem - handwritten letter "D", encircled with the inscription "Democratic Party".

Party holiday - Sept. 22, - independence day (the independence of Bulgaria was proclaimed in 1908 in the time of the independent governing of the Democratic Party). Party publishes the weekly "Zname".

Youth organization - Youth Union of the Democratic Party (chair Mihail Gruev).

Governing bodies: Congress, Supreme Party Council, and Central Bureau. DP is member of the European Democrat Union and of the European Christian Democratic Union.

The party was represented in the 7th Grand National Assembly and in the 36th National Assembly within the Parliamentary UDF and the Parliamentary Group of UDF. A day before the dissolving of the 36th National Assembly, and as a result of UDF leaving the Parliament, the Parliamentary Group of the Democratic Party was created. In the 37th and 38th National Assembly, DP is represented within the Parliamentary Group of the People's Union.

Party chairman: Mr Stefan Savov

Secretary General: Mr Vladimir Dzhaferov


Address: 1000 Sofia, 8 Knyaz Dondukov" Blvd.: phone+3592- 800187