Movement for Rights and Freedoms

(Dvizhenie za prava i svobodi, DPS)

Historical notes: The idea for the creation of such an organization was born at the end of 1984. The underground organization founded at that time existed for about an year. Its members were arrested and sent to prison until Dec. 1989 when they are released. MRF was founded by 33 people on Jan. 4, 1990. The first statutes of the organization were accepted then as well. The latest (third) National Conference of MRF was held in Nov.30-Dec.1, 1996, in Kardjali.

MRF publishes the weekly newspaper "Prava i svobodi" (Rights and Freedoms) issued in Bulgarian and Turkish. Emblem of the Movement is the olive branch.

The governing bodies of MRF are: National Conference, Central Council, Central Operative Bureau, Financial and Inspection Commission. The statutes of MRF assigns greater authorities to the chairman of the movement who determines himself his/her deputies and has final power when taking important decisions. From the very creation of MRF its chairman is Ahmed Dogan - third mandate. Members of MRF are mainly Bulgarian citizens with Turkish ethnic self-awareness.

MRF participated independently in the parliamentary elections in 1990, 1991 and 1994. In the local elections in 1995, in a number of municipalities MRF was in coalition with the People's Union and other parties. From Oct. 1991 and until Nov. 1992, MRF supported in the National Assembly the cabinet of UDF. For the presidential elections of Jan. 1992, MRF supported the candidate team Zhelev-Dimitrova. On Dec. 30, 1992, a cabinet with the MRF mandate was formed, however, it was supported by MPs from the Parliamentary Group of the Democratic Left and by MPs who had left the Parliamentary Group of UDF. That cabinet in which MRF had only the post of the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Labour and Social Care - Evgeniy Matinchev, was replaced by a caretaker cabinet on Oct. 18, 1994.

For the parliamentary elections on April 19, 1997 MRF was the driving force behind the coalition National Salvation Union.

Address: 1000 Sofia,. 45A Al. Stamboliyski" Blvd.; phone +3592-880261


(mandate expires in Dec. 1999)

Chair: Ahmed Dogan

Deputy chairs:

Ayrush Hadji human rights issues

Kasim Dal organizational issues

Kemal Eyup human rights issues


Mehmed Redjeb

Djevdet Chakarov

Ali Mahmud

Emel Etem-Toshkova

Myumyun Emin