Political Club "Ecoglasnost"

(Politicheski klub "Ekoglasnost", PKE)

Historical notes: The Political Club "Ecoglsnost" was founded in March 1990 as a political wing of the Independent Society "Ecoglasnost", created in Apr. 1989. "Ecoglasnost" was one the founders of the coalition Union of the Democratic Forces on Dec. 7, 1989. In the 7th Grand National Assembly, "Ecoglasnost" had 17 MPs organized in a parliamentary group within the Parliamentary UDF. In the summer of 1991, most of the MPs from "Ecoglasnost" signed the new constitution and were expelled from UDF. Thus, there were two organizations that came out of "Ecoglasnost" - the National Movement "Ecoglasnost", member of UDF, and the Political Club "Ecoglasnost".

The Political Club "Ecoglasnost" (PC "Ecoglasnost") is a movement for protection of nature, and upholding the fundamental values of humanism. Governing organs: conference, executive council, presidency.

The PC "Ecoglasnost" participated consecutively in the coalitions UDF-center 1991-92, and the Bulgarian Democratic Center 1992-94. Since Nov. 1994, PC "Ecoglasnost" has a political agreement with BSP and BANU "Aleksandar Stamboliyski" for participation in the elections for the 37th National Assembly (the agreement was renewed for the local elections and the presidential elections). On the Third National Conference of PC "Ecoglasnost" of Apr. 1995, Petar Slabakov was re-elected for chair. Later, he resigned and the deputy chair Stefan Gaytandjiev became chair. Ater March 1997 together with BSP PC "Ecoglasnost" forms the coalition Democratic Left.

In Apr. 1995, PC "Ecoglasnost" had 36 organizations and 750 members.

Address: 1000 Sofia, 12A Narodno sabranie Sq., fl. 4; phone +3592-880-630