People's Union - Bulgarian Agrarian National Union and Democratic Party

(Naroden sayuz - BZNS, Demokraticheska partiya)

The two-party political coalition of BANU and the Democratic Party was founded with a political agreement between the parties in Oct. 1994. Participated in the parliamentary elections of Dec. 18, 1994, and in the local elections of Oct.-Nov. 1995. In the Presidential elections in 1996, it joined the coalition United Democratic Forces as in the Parliamentary elections scheduled April 19, 1997.

Co-chair of the People's Union are Mrs Anastasiya Mozer and Stefan Savov who both represent the coalition. In the 37th National Assembly, the coalition has registered its own parliamentary group of 18 MPs. In the 38th National Assembly initially had 14 MPs but two of them became ministers in the new government and since May 1997 the Parliamentary Group of People's Union consists of 12 MPs. They belong to the ruling majority.