Kosta Todorov ANDREEV

Born on Dec. 21, 1930 in the village of Malko Bregovo, Harmanli municipality, Haskovo district. Married, has one child.

Graduated in Journalism in Russia. Ph.D. in History. Worked in "Trud" newspaper, editor-in-chief 1955-79. Secretary of the Central Council of the Bulgarian Trade Unions 1981. President and editor-in-chief of "Zemya" newspaper since 1991.

Member of the Supreme Council of BSP since 1990. MP (elected in Harmanli single-member electoral district) in the 7th Grand National Assembly (Parliamentary Group of BSP). Secretary of the Committee on Radio and Television in the 7th Grand National Assembly. MP (elected in Haskovo) in the 36th National Assembly (Parliamentary Union for Social Democracy). MP (elected in Haskovo) in the 37th National Assembly (Parliamentary Group of the Democratic Left).