Vladimir Todorov ABADJIEV

Born on March 30, 1919 in Varna. Married, has one son.

Completed High School for classical languages and cultures in Varna 1938. Graduated in Law from Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski" 1942. Post-graduate studies at the Heidelberg University, Germany 1943-44. Ph.D. in Law at Heidelberg University. Assistant professor at Varna State University (now the Economic University) 1945-48.

Convicted for political reasons - did sentences in the prisons in Sofia, Sliven, Pleven, Pirgovo political camp - 1948-52. Legal advisor to a number of trade organizations 1952-90.

Member of "Istina" Union . Member of the Union of the Repressed (within UDF). Member of the Union of the Graduates from the Royal Military Schools and the Patriotic Army in Reserve. Since 1989, Foundation-member of the Bulgarian Democratic Forum (BDF - within UDF). Chair of the BDF organization in Varna since 1990. Member of the national governing body of the BDF since 1991. Political secretary of the BDF 1992. Deputy chair of the BDF since 1993. Member of the National Coordination Council of UDF since 1993. MP (elected in Varna) in the 36th and in the 37th National Assembly (Parliamentary Group of UDF). Doyen of the 36th and 37th National Assemblies.