Kiril Trifonov BOYADJIEV

Born on Nov. 21, 1946 in Sofia. Married, has two daughters.

Completed high school in Sofia 1964. Graduated in Medicine from the Medical University of Sofia 1973, and in Scientific Information and Bibliography from Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski" 1972. Post-graduate studies at the Cardiothoracal Institute, London 1988. Intern-anesthetist in the Regional Hospital in Sevlievo, 1974. Assistant-pathologist in the National Center for Cardio-vascular Diseases 1975-90. Chief assistant professor in the department for Pathological Anatomy and Cytopathology at the Medical University in Sofia/Aleksandar's Hospital since 1991. Member of the association "Grazhdanin".

Member of the Radical Democratic Party (RDP) since 1990. Deputy chairman and chairman of a municipal RDP organization in Sofia 1991-95. Member of the Regional Council of the RDP in Sofia since 1995. Member of the National Council of RDP since 1993. Chairman of the RDP (independent of UDF) since 1995.

Publications: over 50 scientific articles in the field of heart diseases.