Yuliya Manuk BERBERYAN

Born on Oct. 6, 1944 in Perushtitsa, Rodopi municipality, Plovdiv district. Married, has three daughters.

Completed high school in Sofia 1962. Graduated with a degree in English Philology and Bulgarian Language from Sofia University "Kliment Ohridski" 1972. Studied tennis (short course) at the National Sports Academy 1975. Tennis instructor in CSKA (Central Sports Army Club) 1969-75. Tennis coach at CSKA 1975-92. Personal tennis coach of her daughters since 1992, working as a coach at CSKA for free. Chairman of the Bulgarian Women's Union since 1995.

Publications: "I Want, I Believe, I Can" 1995.

Awards: order "Red Flag of Labour" 1989, medals "For Special Merit" 3rd class awarded by the Central Council of the Bulgarian Union for Physical Education and Sports in 1981 and 1982.

Leisure interests: teaching tennis.