Tanya Vasileva CHOLAKOVA

Born on Jan. 16, 1942. Married, has one child.

Graduated from the Medical University in Sofia 1965. Ph.D. in Medicine 1976. Senior research associate in the National Center for Health Information 1993. Member of the Scientific Society of Social Medicine, Informatics and Health Management. Member of the Board of Managers of the Agency for Foreign Aid since Oct. 1995. Assistant professor in the Department of Social Medicine at the Medical University of Sofia 1966-70. Worked in the "Organization and Inspection" section of the Ministry of Healthcare 1971-81. Research associate, deputy director and director of the Main Information and Computing Center of the Ministry of Healthcare 1981-91. Deputy director of the National Center for Health Information 1991-93.

Deputy Minister of Healthcare - in charge of the curative activity Feb. 1995-Feb. 1997.

Publications: over 120 publications on the problems of health conditions of the population, as well as the organization and management of health services.