Ivan Hristov DIMITROV

Born on Aug. 26, 1927 in Yambol. Married, has one son and one daughter.

Completed high school in Yambol 1946. Graduated in Building Engineering. Building engineer in the State Polytechnics of Sofia 1953, and in "Marbas"-Dimitrovgrad 1953-59. Designer, leader of a design team and director of Design Organization-Pazardjik. Director of a section in "Stroitelno montazhen kombinat" (Building and Assembly Works) in Pazardjik 1983-85. Building investor in Sestrimo, Pazardjik municipality 1985-90. Member of the Bulgarian Tourist Union.

Member of the Union of the Bulgarian National Legions 1942-44. Member of the Conservative and Ecological Party (within UDF) since 1990. Chairman of the Coordination Council of UDF in Pazardjik 1993-94. Chairman of the "Aleko" tourist association - Pazardjik 1990-94. Municipal councilor from UDF in Pazardjik 1991-94. MP (elected in Pazardjik) in the 37th National Assembly (Parliamentary Group of UDF).

Awards: golden badge "Kolyo Ficheto" 1969 and 1971; "Outstanding Performance of Energy" 1989.

Leisure interests: hiking.