Maksim Zhekov DIMOV

Born on Jan. 1, 1961 in Dobrich. Married.

Completed the German language high school in Dobrich 1980. Graduated in International Economic Relations from the University for National and World Economy in Sofia 1987. Post-graduate studies in International monetary and financial relations in Sofia and Kishinev, Moldova. Employed as an expert in "Machinoexport". Executive director of the State Fund for Reconstruction and Development. Director of "Makhold". Chair of "Homo Ludens" foundation . Deputy chair of "Slavyani"foundation. Deputy chair of the Federation for Friendship with the Peoples of the Commonwealth of Independent States (former Soviet Union). Member of the Federation of the State Industrialists.

Not affiliated with any party. MP (elected in Shumen) in the 37th National Assembly (Parliamentary Group of MRF). Deputy chair of the Economic Committee in the 37th National Assembly. Chair of the Sub-committee for State Regulation of the Economy.

Leisure interests: football, fine arts.