Gancho Todorov GANCHEV

Born on Apr. 13, 1953 n Sofia. Married, has one daughter.

Completed high school in Sofia 1971. Graduated in International Currency and Financial Relations from Moscow State University of International Relations. Post-graduate studies at the European University Center in Nancy, France 1984-85, and at the World Bank, USA 1992. Ph.D. in Economics 1982. Expert in "Bulbank" 1977-79. Research associate and chief of a center in the Institute for International Relations and Socialist Integration 1979-92. General Director of "KOOPMIK" 1992-94. Member of the Supervisory Board of "Hebrosbank" since 1995.

Not affiliated with any party. Director of the Agency for Economic Development and Forecasting since 1995. Deputy Minister of Economic Development 1995-Feb. 1997.

Publications: "Factors of Modern Inflation" 1983, "The Foreign Debts of the Developing Countries" 1986, "The Bulgarian Foreign Debt" 1990, "Problems of the Transition" 1993.

Leisure interests: chess, arching.