Spas Georgiev GARNEVSKI

Born on Jan. 18, 1953 in Plovdiv.

Graduated in Economy and Organization of Labor from the University for National and World Economy. Post-graduate studies on management. Practiced as a general worker, goods supplier and expert on merchandise in the Plovdiv printing house until 1990. Head of department, deputy director and director of "Hristo G. Danov"-Plovdiv Publishing House. Executive director of "Poligrafia"-Plovdiv 1992-95. President of Football Club "Lokomotiv"-Plovdiv 1995-Nov. 1996.

Member of the Democratic Party 1990-94. Member of the Democratic Party-1896 (within UDF) 1994-96. Deputy chair of the Democratic Party-1896 1994-96. Deputy chair of the Coordination Council of UDF in Plovdiv 1993-94. Chair of the Coordination Council and the Regional Council of UDF in Plovdiv 1995-Feb. 1996. Mayor from UDF and coalition of Plovdiv municipality since Oct. 1995.

Publications: the poetry collection "The End of the Night" 1992, the feuilleton novel "The Grandchildren of Bay Ganyo" 1994.