Petko ILIEV Penev

Born on July 11, 1940 in the village of Staroselets, Radnevo municipality, Haskovo district. Married, has one son and one daughter.

Completed mining high school in Madan 1971. Convicted for political reasons and sentenced to 20 years in prison, served 3 years 1961-64. Worked as brick-layer and plasterer in "Sofstroy" 1961, and as supplier in "Promishleno montazhno upravlenie" ("Industrial and Assembly Office") 1965-70. Chief of shift in "Gorubso"-Madan 1972-80. Technical director in "Maritsa-Iztok" 1980-90. Member of BZNS-Nikola Petkov since 1989.

Chairman of the municipal governing body of BZNS-Nikola Petkov in Radnevo 1989-90. Chairman of the regional governing body of BZNS-Nikola Petkov in Stara Zagora 1990-91. Member of the Governing Council of BZNS-N.Petkov and BZNS since 1990. Member of the Standing Committee of BZNS 1992-96. Organizational secretary of BZNS 1993-96. MP (elected in Stara Zagora) in the 37th National Assembly (Parliamentary Group of the People's Union-BZNS, Democratic Party). Deputy chairman of the Committee on National Security in the 37th National Assembly. Deputy chairman of the Parliamentary Group of the People's Union in the 37th National Assembly 1994-Sept. 1996.