Borislav Dimitrov KITOV

Born on Feb. 23, 1954 in Plovdiv. Married, has one daughter.

Completed high school in Plovdiv 1972. Graduated from the High Medical Institute of Plovdiv 1980. Post-graduate studies at the Medical University of Sofia 1985-86, and at the Neuro Surgery in Colmar, France 1989-91. Ph.D. in Medicine 1984. Post-graduate studies 1981, intern, assistant professor, senior assistant professor, chief assistant professor and associate professor at the High Medical Institute of Plovdiv 1981-94. Head of the Neuro Surgery department at the High Medical Institute of Plovdiv since 1994. Member of the Bulgarian Doctors Union since 1991. Corresponding member of the French Society of Neuro Surgeons.

Member of BZNS since 1987. Member of the municipal governing body of BZNS in Plovdiv since 1991. Deputy chairman of the municipal board of BZNS 1992-93. Member of the Governing Council of BZNS-united 1991-92. Member of the Standing Committee of BZNS since 1993.

Leisure interests: fine arts.