Doncho Donchev KONAKCHIEV

Born on March 17, 1943 in the village of Kosovo, Asenovgrad municipality, Plovdiv district. Married, has two daughters.

Completed the Electricity high school in Sofia 1962. Graduated from Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski" 1967, and took university courses in Economics in Moscow 1986. Post-graduate studies in Tbilisi 1969, Novorosiysk 1973, Moscow 1989. Ph.D. in Architecture 1977. Expert 1967-70. Chief assistant professor in the Institute for Social Management 1971-72. Director of department in the Science and Research Project Institute for Territorial Structure 1973-74. Head of department in the State Committee for Planning and in the Ministry of Economy and Planning 1975-90. Senior research associate 2nd rank 1987. Chief director in the Ministry of Economy and Planning 1990-91.

Member of BSP since 1969. Member of the Supreme Council of BSP since 1990. Member of the Presidency and the Executive Bureau of the Supreme Council of BSP 1990-96. Deputy chair of the Supreme Council of BSP 1994-96. MP (elected in Sofia) in the 36th National Assembly (Parliamentary Union for Social Democracy). Deputy chair of the Committee on Administrative and Territorial Structure and Local Administration in the 36th National Assembly. MP (elected in Veliko Tarnovo) in the 37th National Assembly (Parliamentary Group of the Democratic Left) 1995. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Territorial Development and Building Jan. 1995-Feb. 1997.

Awards: golden "Order of Labor" 1983.