Lyubomir Panayotov KOLAROV

Born on June 25, 1943 in Burgas. Married, has two sons and a daughter.

Completed high school in Sofia 1961. Graduated in Television and Radio Journalism from Moscow State University 1968. Post-graduate studies in the Columbia University, NY, USA, 1982-83. Reporter and editor in the Bulgarian National TV (BNTV) 1968-70. Political commentator in the BNTV 1970-71. Correspondent of the BNTV in Moscow 1971-77. Political observer for international matters and chief of "The World in Action" broadcast in the BNTV 1977-83. Deputy editor-in-chief of the "Information" office at the BNT 1983-91. Editor-in-chief of "International Publicistics" main office at the BNTV 1991-92. Editor-in-chief of "Vecherni novini" newspaper 1992-94. Editor-in-chief of "Novini" newspaper 1994.

Member of BSP since 1969. Member of the governing body of the Sofia City Council of BSP 1990-92. Member of the Supreme Council of BSP since 1991. Member of the Executive Bureau of the Supreme Council of BSP 1994-96. MP (elected in Dobrich) in the 37th National Assembly (Parliamentary Group of the Democratic Left) until Apr. 1995. Chair of the Committee on Posts and Telecommunications Apr. 1995-Feb. 1997

Produced a number of documentary and publicistic films.

Leisure interests: sports, literature, movies.