Nikola Petrov KOYCHEV

Born on Jan. 4, 1944 in Belogradchik, Montana district. Married, has two children.

Graduated in Technology of Machine Building. Ph.D. in Economy. Secretary general in the Ministry of Economy and Planning and in the Ministry of Labor and Social Care.

Chair of the City Council of BSP in Sofia since May 1996. Member of the Executive Bureau of the Supreme Council of BSP since 1994. Chief of the Committee on Social and Economic Matters of BSP. MP (elected in Vidin) in the 36th National Assembly (Parliamentary Union for Social Democracy). Deputy chair of the Committee on Labor and Social Security in the 36th National Assembly. MP (elected in Vidin) in the 37th National Assembly (Parliamentary Group of the Democratic Left). Chair of the Committee on Labor, Social Care and Demographic Problems in the 37th National Assembly 1995. Chair of the Economic Committee in the 37th National Assembly Jan. 1996-Feb. 1997.