Born on Jan. 2, 1947 in Veliko Tarnovo. Married, has two daughters.

Completed high school in Sofia. Graduated from the University for National and World Economy in Sofia. Post-graduate studies in Leipzig, Germany, and in Moscow. Worked as locksmith in the Locomotive Depot in Sofia 1969-70. Instructor, deputy head of department and head of department in the Central Committee of the Dimitrov's Comsomol Youth Union 1974-82.

Member of BSP since 1972. Director in the Ministry of Education 1982-84. Secretary of the Kirkov's Regional Council in Sofia 1974-88. Chair of the Executive Committee of the Municipal People's Council of Ovcha Kupel municipality - Sofia, 1988-90. Secretary of the Interim Executive Committee of Ovcha Kupel municipality - Sofia 1990-91. Member of the Executive Bureau of the Municipal Council of BSP in Ovcha Kupel municipality - Sofia, 1994-95. Municipal councilor from BSP in Sofia 1984-88 and 1991-95. Deputy chair of commission in the Sofia City Municipal Council 1991-95. District governor of Sofia 1995-Feb. 1997.

Awards: order "Cyril and Methodius" 2nd class, medals.

Leisure interests: chess playing, tourism.