Valentin Yankov KARAMFILOV

Born on Oct. 15, 1952 in Sofia. Married, has one daughter.

Completed high school in Sofia 1970. Graduated in Forestry from the Forestry Technical University of Sofia 1977. Chief, deputy director and director of State Forestry Farm in Popovo 1977-87. Chief expert in association "Gori i gorska promishlenost" ("Forests and Timber Industry") - Sofia 1987-89. Member of the Union of Foresters. Chair of the Scientific and Technical Union "Lesotehnika" 1993-95.

Not affiliated with any party. Municipal councilor in Popovo 1984-87. Deputy chair of the Committee on Forestry 1989-91. First deputy chair of the Committee on Forestry 1991-92. Chair of the Committee on Forestry 1995-Feb. 1997.