Valentin Stefanov KORKINOV

Born on Apr. 28, 1953 in Sofia. Married, has two children.

Graduated in Automatization of Production from the Technical University of Sofia 1975. Post-graduate studies in Applied mathematics 1975-77. Ph.D. in Engineering 1982. Research associate 1st and 2nd rank in the National Education Center for Informatics and in the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences 1982-88. Worked as engineer at the Technical University in Sofia and as chief assistant professor at the National Education Center for Informatics. Expert in computerized electronic systems, control systems and administrative activity in public organizations and state institutions. Head of the "Information" department of the Parliament 1990-91. Chief of a computer center. Expert in advertising and information activities in "Consult-trade". Consultant in the Association of Bulgarian Merchants. Secretary general of the Bulgarian Association of Information Industry. Expert in the Central Electoral Commission 1990-92.

Member of the Central Election Commission for electing the 37th National Assembly 1994. Member of the Supervisory Board of the Agency for Privatization 1996-Feb. 1997. Chief Secretary in the Council of Ministers Jan. 1995-Feb. 1997.