Dyanko Georgiev MARKOV

Born on Oct. 4, 1922. Divorced, has one son and one daughter.

Completed a Military high school in Sofia 1941. Graduated from the High National Military School in Sofia 1944. Bomber-pilot in the Air-Forces, lecturer in general and radio navigation 1944-48. Convicted for political reasons after 1944. Worked as a turner in "Bulgarska mashina" and "Parket" 1952-56. Actor and member of the orchestra in the State Musical Theater "Stefan Makedonski" 1956-66 and in the Sofia National Opera 1967-79. Member of the Bulgarian Democratic Forum - BDF (within UDF), since 1990. Member of the governing body of the BDF since 1990. Chair of the BDF since 1995. Chair of the Union of the Graduates from the Royal Military Schools, the Schools for Officers in the Reserve and the Patriotic Army in the Reserve since 1994. Member of the central governing body of the "Istina" Union. MP (elected in Pleven) in the 37th National Assembly (Parliamentary Group of UDF).

Publications: lyrics and short stories "Locked Words" 1992, the novel "The Roads are Closed" 1994.

Awards: order "For Bravery" 4th class.

Leisure interests: history, music.